A quick word from our head of school.

As education continues to be one of the most important elements in any part of the global community, Montessori style education is becoming more prevalent.  We see the product of Montessori education throughout our society and it is enjoying a phenomenal surge around the world.

At Little Gems Montessori, we strive to cultivate the whole and best human being in each child.  Independence is nurtured and leads to children becoming purposeful, motivated, and confident in their own abilities.  Self-expression is encouraged in all children and they are taught to embrace the world around them and find inner and outer peace.

Your child will be ahead in life but in a very distinct way.  The child will naturally follow his or her own path with guidance from our teachers in the following areas:  Mathematics, Language Arts, Geography, Science, Music, and Practical Life.  It is our commitment to parents and guardians that we will do what it takes to make your child a lifelong learner and help our little gem establish a love for school.

I invite all families who want the best start for their child to come visit us, spend some time in our classrooms, and get to know our school community.  We promise to provide our students with a safe, secure, and healthy learning environment and hope to see each of one of them flourish!


Head of School