Infants have a natural growing process where they eventually blossom into a child. Flexible scheduling allows each child to eat, sleep, or play according to his or her own desires and needs.

In addition, we provide Montessori equipment resources to develop fine and gross motor skills. The Montessori environment is enhanced with muted colors and lots of natural sunlight. The room is equipped to provide freedom of movement and gentle stimulation.

Equipment and Montessori materials are made of various textures that enhance the learning experience. The children work on their various stages of development throughout the day prepared environment.

When the weather is appropriate they are taken outside for fresh air to enjoy the sights of sounds of nature. The Montessori infant program serves children from 16 weeks to 17 months.

The program is designed to duplicate the loving care and gentle stimulation. The Montessori caregiver has an interaction with children in that a strong emotional bond exists that improves the development of speech for each child.

Each child’s primary caregiver monitors the child’s schedule, accomplishments, tendencies and/or concerns which are communicated daily to parents. We firmly believe in the need for open and thorough communication between the caregiver and family.