A quick word from our director.

Dear Parent/Guardian(s),

Thank you for your interest in Little Gems Montessori! I know you have many options when choosing a facility for your child’s care and we appreciate you considering our school. I myself was in your shoes many years ago and understand that this can be a difficult decision to make, but ensure you that our faculty and staff will not break the trust you place in us and promise to provide your child with a fun and safe learning environment.

I have held a strong belief that education is one of the pillars of success and have always taken learning, teaching, and education very seriously. I take interest in learning not only because I get to learn and grow, but also because I truly enjoy increasing my knowledge day to day. Education opens doors that would otherwise be closed and here at Little Gems Montessori, I want to open every door and give our Gems every opportunity to flourish into independent and successful individuals.

Many of you may have one question, why choose the Montessori way? The Montessori teaching method sets children up to learn the best way by offering them guided independence. At Little Gems, teaching will involve self-control, collaborative play, and group and individual activities; these will allow children to learn through their own experiences. Results are observable, definable, and worthwhile!

I began my Montessori training in 1994 and over the course of 24 years I have seen first-hand the truly remarkable impact the Montessori method can have on a child. I consider each child I work with to be the wind beneath my wings. As they fly, I desire to fly with them. Each child is so unique in his or her own way. They always aspire me to learn more about how I can help each one of them prosper individually.

It is my intent to work with you in this greatest of endeavors. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for the privilege and honor of allowing me to care for your Gem if you choose to bestow that privilege upon me!

Sincerely and Warmly,

Rosie ADirector