Primary classrooms are designed to respond to the most universal, natural drives and tendencies of 3 to 6 years old children. Learning in a Montessori classroom emphasizes self-education and instincts motivation the teachers presents each child with materials and activities that directly appeal and respond to his or her level of development.

These tasks and activities interest the child resulting in free work where the child selects from the array of engaging materials previously presented by the teacher. The teacher carefully observes the child’s progress, presenting new materials as soon as the child is ready.

Montessori materials in the primary classroom are a preparation for lifetime. The hands-on learning approach is organized into five major curriculum areas: Practical Life, Sensorial, Math, Language and Culture Studies (including science, geography, history, art, music, and Spanish). We also work in the outdoors, having the classroom in nature, which enhances the children’s learning experience.

The primary child’s days consist of an uninterrupted two-hour work cycle. During this time the children work independently with classroom materials, receiving one on one, small or large group lessons from the teacher.  Group activities include story and circle time. Outdoor activity will also be woven into the child’s day.