We offer a Montessori Summer Program during the months of June, July, and August. Students already part of the Montessori program will be given priority access to the Summer Program as long as the registration form is submitted by the deadline.

Extracurricular activities are integrated into the Summer Program in addition to continuing the regular Montessori education. This allows the children to enjoy the extracurricular summer activities while focusing on their academics.

In order to keep the students excited and enthusiastic about school and learning, we incorporate weekly themes, weekly splash day, entertainment, and other fun activities.

Please be advised that we DO NOT coordinate field trips because the children’s safety comes first. Instead, we bring the entertainment to the school which we believe is a safer alternative.

We offer an alternative weekly rate during the months of June and July given that families plan summer vacations during these months. If you wish to learn more details about our Montessori Summer Program, please contact the school administrative staff.