The toddler class ranges from 17 months to 3 years. Many of the activities in the toddler program highlight the self-help skills that lead to independence.

There is a large practical life area in the toddler room where children practice motor control skills. They acquire the sense of order and concentration to perform everyday tasks that help achieve greater goals for independence. Children are expected to hang their own clothing, put away shoes, and problem-solve.

The toddler program appropriately accommodates language, math, social as well as science skills by offering creative and intriguing learning concepts.

Teachers are excellent role models since toddlers are at a stage of imitation. To help smooth their initial social interactions, toddlers learn to use words of expression.

The typical toddler day includes independent and small group activities that develop gross and fine motor skills, cognitive social and language skills. Art, music, and sensory skills are subjects learned in a toddler Montessori environment.